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Certification Programs

Become a Certified Raw Chef through
Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Food Program

Learn just how easy it is to maintain a raw food diet and help others!

Level I Chef Certification Topics:

Come learn how to make delicious gourmet meals that are filling. This class is all about the food. Learn how to set up your raw food kitchen making it easy to go and stay raw! This class is a prerequisite for Level II Instructor Certification.
Learn just how easy it is to maintain a raw food diet and help others!
Level 1 Chef Certification Topics:
* What a raw and living food diet is
* How to get excited about raw
* How to make delicious raw meals that taste like your favorite cooked food dishes!
* How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily
* How to shop for raw foods
* How to stock your kitchen and set up your environment
* Kitchen equipment use
A Chef will receive:
* A Certificate
* Can become a member of the Affiliate Program
* Can purchase a website, see mine www./bea
* Can attend my Level II Instructor Training

Level II Instructor Certification

Becoming Certified as a Raw Food Instructor will prepare you for the Raw Classroom. The Instructor will learn about the tools needed and techniques to teach others while preparing delicious food all while teaching about the raw diet and lifestyle. In this class you will learn how to sprout, dehydrate and make gourmet meals to help you and others go and stay raw.

Living on Live Foods Level II - Instructor Certification

Level II Instructor Certification Topics:

* Preparing elegant gourmet meals
* Sprouting and dehydrating techniques
* How to encourage and help people stay raw
* Cleansing and Detoxing
* How to adjust the raw food diet for personal needs
* Raw food product demonstration
* Leading the Level I - Chef Certification Course

An Instructor will receive:
*Can become a member of the Affiliate Program
*Can purchase a website
*Can be listed on Alissa's Referral Page
*Can join Raw Teacher Talk site
*Can Teach the Level I Class

If you have already attended the Level I class and are looking to become an Instructor this class is for you.